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The production of sugarcane juice, molasses, brown sugar and distilled beverage such as cachaça is characteristic of the colonial period and many farms across the country had facilities for the production of those goods. Therefore, Itáytyba Ecotourism invested in the preservation of one of these facilities. The Isidoro Still dates back to the atmosphere of the old mills and their local processing of freshly harvested sugarcane. Although the origin of the pieces is unknown, the set was brought from a district of the municipality of Gaspar, SC, where it served for the subsistence of a family of Italian settlers whose father’s name was Isidoro.

The facilities, whose rusticity preserves the environment where the unit used to be operated, have a cane crusher whose operation was based on animal traction. The main piece corresponds to a 2000-liter still with “onion” head, followed by a jacketed retort with three plates of expansion and a neck that connects them to a coil from where the beverage was continuously collected. Beside the still is also installed a large copper pot, which was used to concentrate the juice and produce molasses and brown sugar.

The Isidoro Still is a meeting place where visitors of Itáytyba Ecotourism, under the sound of the Route Chansonnier, try flavored cachaças with fruits, seeds, bark, roots and leaves of plants produced locally.

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