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Itáytyba Ecotourism was conceived after the formation of a 1,090 acres RPPN (Private Reserve of Natural Heritage) at the Santa Lídia do Cercadinho Farm, located on the right bank of the Guartelá Canyon at the Iapó River, called RPPN Itáytyba (Tupi-Guarani toponym meaning "abundance of stones and water”). This area was created with the intention of ensuring the preservation of local ecosystems and the beauty of the canyons, waterfalls and insinuating rock formations so that future generations can come to admire and enjoy. The farm also develops an agro-livestock-forest integration plan, which is characterized by the association of cattle breeding, agriculture and reforestation (silviculture).

The Pioneer’s Village of the Ponte Alta Farm, a touristic project aimed at offering accommodation, rural tourism, ecotourism and food services, is located by the Transbrasiliana Highway (BR153) at 986 m above sea level, from where is seen the strength of general fields, their crops and preserved forests, the Valley Fortaleza River and the city of Tibagi. The Reception Center of Itáytyba Ecotourism is located in this area, where information can be obtained on tours and leisure activities, accommodation and food, as well as tips and care for environmental preservation. Leisure activities, in pleasant living with family and friends, extend to a handful of walking trails and rural roads to reach the Guartelá Canyon outlook, where the wild scenery is enriched by preserved riparian forest which accompanies the fresh waters of the Iapó River, having in the background the steep walls of a Canyon of rare beauty.

OUR COMMITMENT: Develop ecotourism activities in harmony with the ecosystem, promoting sustainable management of natural resources and responsible management of leisure and culture activities, which are offered to visitors with quality assurance, good services and the preservation of local biodiversity.

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