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• ITÁYTYBA ECOTOURISM LTDA has the main objective of preserving the local biodiversity, landscape and present ecosystems while providing sustainable recreation activities in contact with nature.

• ITÁYTYBA ECOTOURISM LTDA informs all visitors and friends of ecotourism and rural tourism that, according to the Brazilian Law, CHILDREN SHOULD ALWAYS BE ACCOMPANIED BY THEIR PARENTS OR GUARDIAN OF AGE.

• Visitors are responsible for their own safety and must observe and comply with warnings, guidelines and standards presented herein.

• ITAYTYBA ECOTOURISM LTDA is not liable for accidents that may occur due to carelessness, lack of common sense and noncompliance with the standards and guidelines that are communicated to visitors.

• For safety reasons, every leisure activity - including trails, hiking, waterfall bathing and cycling rides - should take place under supervision of our personnel, in accordance to a pre-established schedule.

• Wearing hiking shoes, long canopy boots and other shoes alike is highly recommended. Do not hike while wearing flip-flops, crocs, sandals and light-weight sneakers.

• The adventure trails require great physical effort, so they are recommended for people with good fitness and experience in hiking through uneven terrains. Some trails require the employment of closed nonskid shoes, socks and leather leggings (provided by the company).

• Keeping on track and staying close to the instructor are highly recommended while hiking.

• Handicapped, pregnant women and people recovering from a recent surgery or with heart conditions   are requested to notify the reception and the instructor designed by the company, so that suitable procedures may be adopted to ensure safety and a comfortable ride.

•Always keep a safe distance while observing and do not feed wild animals.

• Use an ecological insect repellent.

• Wear sunscreen, caps or hats and drink plenty of potable water, especially while exposed to the sun.

• Eat properly before engaging in hikes.

• Drugs and alcoholic beverage are not compatible with ecotourism and rural tourism.

• All activities of ecotourism and rural tourism offer risks to the visitor: we ask attention to slippery rocks, poisonous animals, thermal shock, drowning.

• Diving into waterfalls, lakes and streams is highly discouraged.

• Bring your trash back with you and dispose of it properly in garbage bins.

• Hunting and fishing in rivers, streams or lakes is prohibited by the law in force.

• Enjoy the beauty of flowers, plants and wild animals without harming the balanced equilibrium of mother Nature.

• From our wilderness, the only evidences to be left behind are foot prints and the only souvenirs to be taken home are good memories and photographs.

Horseback Riding

•A trained supporting staff will always be engaged in every risky activity.

• Horseback riding can be done by people of any age. The animals are tame and trained so that this might be as pleasant as possible.

• It is important that visitors attend to the instructors recommendations and respect the animals in order to prevent accidents.

• Minors are not allowed to ride unless accompanied by their parents or guardian of age.

• It is not recommended for pregnant women to do horseback riding at any stage of pregnancy.

• It is recommended to wear long pants and closed shoes for all types of horseback riding and rural tourism activities.

• The horseback rides take place only in the open fields and trails of the Pioneer’s Village.


• By acquiring our entry passport every visitor is insured for personal accidents. It is therefore mandatory to fill the passport ticket in order to engage in ecological tours, rural tourism and further activities offered by the company. Passports should be filled in own handwriting and signed by the client or guardian of age.

• Saving in rural environments is complex and time consuming. Do not risk needlessly.

• Private vehicles are not allowed inside the farm except with an expressed authorization and in the presence of an Itáytyba instructor.

What to bring

• Simple and comfortable clothing (preferably covering arms and legs), comfortable, closed and nonskid shoes, cotton socks, hat or cap, rain cape and bathing suits.

• Sunscreen lotion.

• Ecological insect repellent.

• Medicines of personal use.

• Camera and binoculars.


• Pets are not allowed in Itáytyba Ecotourism. Their presence is hazardous to wildlife.


• Visitors should follow the pre-established schedule.


• Telephone, fax and wireless internet are available for customers. Mobile phone networks do not cover part of our area.

House of Memories

house of memories itaytyba ecoturismo